Challenging a €1 Trillion market through tokenized
real estate

Investbay finally opens up real estate as an investment opportunity for everyone. By separating property into smaller, acquirable tokens, investors  benefit from the attractive returns and low risks of real estate whilst still retaining quick access to their funds via a dedicated payment card facility

Selection and purchase of suitable properties in Europe and The Middle East

Fractionalization and tokenization of property into units of €500

Secondary market on the platform for trading tokens

4  founders

and an experienced team

2023 the year

that we launch

1 opportunity

to invest (or miss it)

How does it work?


Choose the property that you want to invest in and buy the tokens that are connected with that property.


Choose the amount you want to invest in the property. You can start from as little as EUR 500.


Receive income from your investments in your account every quarter. You can redeem these funds or re-invest them to earn even more.

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