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8,3 % p.a.

average return

100 EUR

min. investment


opportunities open

investbay Benefits

Invest easily, profitably and safely

Daniel Rajnoch
CEO InvestBay

Dual returns

With InvestBay, you get both a steady income through rentals and a return through property appreciation over time

Andrew Thompson 
CIO InvestBay

Hassle-free ownership

We take care of the purchase, operation and sale processes for you.

Lukáš Nývlt
Attorney HKDW HOLASEK s.r.o.


Since the purchase of the property, the investors' claims are secured by a pledge in favour of the law firm as security agent.

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Exclusive Green Resort Zelena Punta

Exclusive Green Resort Zelena Punta

Royal Marbella Golf Resort 2

Royal Marbella Golf Resort 2

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Security first

Local company

We are a Czech platform subject to Czech laws and legislation.


You'll always be on top of what's going on - from moving funds to deciding whether to sell.


We use the latest technology. We communicate everything clearly and directly. You won't run into any hidden question marks.

Property selection

We carefully analyze and calculate which properties are most suitable for investment.


Successfully invested with us

Attractive investments

Investbay allowed me to start investing in real estate and even co-own attractive properties abroad.

Daniela Kolomazníková

Safe return

It safely appreciates my finances, plus as a micro-owner I can use the properties for holidays.

Petra Chejab


Portfolio diversification is key for me. Investbay's micro-investments in real estate help me do that.

Martin Sojka

How does it work?

In three steps
to an attractive investment 


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Simply register and verify your account. It only takes a few minutes. 


Choose a property

Explore a range of attractive properties, choose one that appeals to you and invest with ease. 


Make money

Earn in peace. We'll keep you informed and occasionally you'll vote on what will happen next with your property. 


How much you can earn?

10 000
Expected gain


Why invest
in real estate with InvestBay

Crowd-OWNING Micro-investments in real estate ownership

Investbay combines the best of crowd-funding and physical property ownership: security of ownership with the ability to invest in small amounts

Ownership of physical property

Previously an obvious choice for an investor's portfolio, but one that brings a number of concerns - with operations, with the size of the one-off investment, with diversification, etc.

Crowd-FUNDING Micro-investments in loans secured by real estate

A good option for passive investors who are aware of the higher level of risk associated with debt financing through crowd-funding.

Possibility of micro-investments yes no yes
Returns 5+ years 10+ years 5+ years
Annual valuation 5% and above 5% and above 5-10 %
hyperinflation protection yes yes some
Amount of risk low medium medium
Liquidity medium low medium
Possibility of using property for recreation yes yes no
Deciding on the operation of a property yes yes no

How do we select properties

Micro-investments in real estate

When selecting properties for our investment portfolios, InvestBay places special emphasis on several key factors. 

The first is location. We seek to invest in properties in attractive and stable locations that offer the potential for long-term value growth. We also research and consider the current and expected future demand and supply in a given market, which allows us to predict the potential return on the investment. 

Of course, we also thoroughly examine the property itself - its condition, potential for short and long-term rental, and the length of the active season. 

These factors help us to ensure that our investments are as profitable as possible and safe for our clients. Within this process, we lever  a combination of the long-term experience of InvestBay's founders, technology platforms which provide research and also local partners who specialize in those specific locations.

Invest in an attractive property that will generate an even more attractive income

Appreciate your investment through crowd-ownership. Easily and safely with InvestBay.